Brutal gang’s threat to Leeds dad

Police appeal
Police appeal
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A traumatised dad has told how armed thugs threatened to hack off his daughter’s hand with a meat cleaver in a terrifying robbery at his home.

Mohammed Farooq, 56, was watching television when five men in balaclavas burst into his house on Wooler Avenue in Beeston.

Armed with a sawn-off shotgun, a machete and a meat cleaver, they ordered him to tell them where he kept gold and cash.

Mr Farooq said he was shocked by the actions of the raiders, who only fled when his teenage son arrived home and then fled to get help. He said: “I told them ‘We haven’t got any gold or money’, which is true – we aren’t a rich family.

“While the one with the gun kept it pointed at my head, three of them went upstairs and they dragged my two daughters down, one by the hair and one by the wrist.

“One of them put my daughter’s arm on the table in front of me and said, ‘I will chop it off if you don’t tell me’.”

The gang were frightened off when Mr Farooq’s 19-year-old son arrived home and ran to get help.

They escaped with just a necklace, some bangles and a small amount of cash.

Taxi driver Mr Farooq, who suffers from diabetes and arthritis, said his daughters, aged 23 and 12, had been left badly shaken by the incident, which happened at about 7pm on Monday.

He added: “Losing the money isn’t the worst thing, it’s the trauma you go through.

“And these people, they know what you go through - they can’t be human.”

The robbery has been linked to two similar incidents during which armed men stormed houses in Bradford.

All three robberies happened within a two-hour period.

Mr Farooq said he had no idea why he was targeted. “I’ve been in Beeston for 42 years and everybody is friendly - everybody calls me ‘uncle’,” he said.

“I just can’t understand it. To call them animals is an insult to animals - they are just evil people.”

Police have arrested two men aged 24 and 28 on suspicion of robbery and bailed them, pending inquiries.