Brownlees beaten by a phone box as eccentrics nail latest records

The Brownlee brothers may have carried off all the triathlon titles, but Yorkshire’s world beaters appear to have the other disciplines well covered.

The 2018 Guinness World Records book reveals that the county’s long-distance runners hold no fewer than five marathon records - including those for the fastest run dressed as a telephone box, and the fastest dressed as an item of fast food.

Ayanna Williams who has the record for the Longest Fingernails as she appears in the latest edition of Guinness World Records

The feats, by Barnsley’s Warren Edwicker and Scarborough’s Gary McNamara retrospectively, are among thousands of bizarre titles in the 63rd edition of the book, which goes on sale today.

Robert Hull, from Doncaster, is said to hold the world’s largest collection of daleks, numbering 1,801, and Lee Ryan, from Sheffield, is unbeatable at performing squat thrust “burpees”, having managed 10,110 in 24 hours.

The book’s American headliners are less somewhat prosaic. Ayanna Williams, a “nail artist” from Texas can boast fingernails 18ft 11in long, if added together. She maintains them with nail hardener and a layer of acrylic which can take up to a week to paint.

Ms Williams, 60, says she can perform most everyday tasks with little difficulty, except for pulling up her trousers.

Tom Koltun with Desiree Lintz in the Largest Pram watched by Tyson Masar and daughter Grey Masar as they appear in the latest edition of Guinness World Records

Jackie Miley, from South Dakota, holds the record for the largest collection of teddy bears, having started with just one, 17 years ago and now owning a litter running to 8,025. And Tom Koltun, from Chicago, is the creator of the world’s biggest pram - easily roomy enough to take an adult for a stroll.

In the animal kingdom, a Great Dane called Freddy, from Southend-on-Sea, is believed to be the world’s tallest dog, standing 7tf 6in on his hind legs.

Other unusual achievements include eating the most Marmite in a minute, removing the most Jenga blocks in 30 seconds, and building the world’s largest ball of stickers.

Freddy the tallest dog with his owner Clare Stoneman as they appear in the latest edition of Guinness World Records 2018.

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