Brownlee brothers show the BBC around Leeds

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The Brownlee brothers gave viewers of BBC's The One Show a tour of their favourite places in Leeds last night.

The Olympic triathletes were filmed visiting childhood haunts which shaped their sporting success during a segment of the show on Monday.

Footage of Horsforth, where Alistair and Jonny grew up with their doctor parents and younger brother Ed, included a shot of the Brownlee Arms pub and the family home.

The pair then visited Aireborough Leisure Centre, where they first learned to swim, and Jonny was happy to spot a record he set as a schoolboy in 1999 still on display on the swimming club's notice boards.

Once in the saddle, they called in at bike shop Triangle, where owner, friend and mentor Adam Nevins sold them their first road bikes. The trio reminisced about the boys' first rides out with older cyclists from the shop.

They were filmed running in the Dales near their homes in the village of Bramhope, and discussing their childhood competitiveness and sibling rivalry with father Keith in the kitchen.

The episode can still be viewed on BBC iPlayer.