Brothers of Leeds cancer patient back big breakfast for charity

Owen Pattison and his brothers.
Owen Pattison and his brothers.
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An eight-year-old cancer patient from Leeds has teamed up with his five brothers to back a charity breakfast bonanza.

Owen Pattison and his family are encouraging people to join Britain’s Biggest Breakfast for Cancer Research UK next month. (March)

The youngster, from Yeadon, was diagnosed with leukaemia in 2014.

His mum Michelle said: “With six lively boys, it’s a big breakfast every morning in our house, but after seeing their brother going through cancer they all wanted to support him by helping rally people to organise their own Biggest Breakfast.

“Owen’s experience has made us realise just how important research is. If it wasn’t for the research that Cancer Research UK does, then we wouldn’t have the treatments to help children like Owen.”

The Yeadon Westfield Junior School pupil was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia just before Christmas 2014 after suffering pain in his leg and shoulder.

Michelle, 34, said: “Owen is the strongest willed, he doesn’t let anything get him down, so of all the six boys I knew he would be the best to cope with something like this.

“And he has been amazing through it. I think being one of six boys has really helped him and they have all been great with him. He just keeps up with them and they don’t make him feel like he is any different to them at all. His dad Steve and I are so proud of them all.”

Owen initially had intensive chemotherapy and now has maintenance treatment – daily oral chemotherapy at home and monthly treatment at Leeds Children’s Hospital – which will continue until 2018.

He and his brothers Ollie, four, Kyle, seven, 11-year-old Vinny, 15-year-old Luke and 16-year-old Ryan visited Weetwood Hall Hotel in Leeds to sample breakfast in bed to promote the fundraising.

To sign up for the event and get a free supporters pack, visit