Bringing a bit of history back to life

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Twin sisters with the same vision are combining their skills and passions to carve their own way in business.

Chloe and Abigail Baldwin, 22, graduated from the same BA Graphic Communication and Design course at the University of Leeds last summer and within just a few months are launching their own range of products.

Combining Chloe’s passion for vintage clothes and artefacts with Abigail’s eye for detail they have created ‘The Wearable Histories Collection’, under their business name Buttercrumble which they started when they were still at college back home in Scarborough.

Next week they will present the first products from the collection, a range of silk scarves, to an invited group of stockists and Leeds boutiques in a bid to increase retail points.

Chloe said: “I started the idea in my final year at university and my tutor suggested doing a project with scarves and trying to sell them and it developed from there.”

They are already sold in Sunnybank Mill at Farsley and while the girls design for other clients they are treating this as a project for them - and keeping in mind the idea the signature illustration can be transferred to other products in a range.

Chloe said: “We have a few briefs around Leeds but this is like a passion project. We decided to do it for ourselves, take it further and see where it takes us.

“We love vintage products but also the stories. Where did they come from, who owned them, what did they do?”

Abigail added: “We are at the beginning of our journey and don’t want to pigeon hole ourselves. Eventually we might need to focus on products but when you are creative you just love everything.”

The launch is Wednesday at the Just Grand Tea Room, 5pm.