Bride interrupts her own wedding ceremony to join Brexit protest at Leeds Town Hall

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A bride interrupted her own wedding ceremony in Leeds city centre to join an anti-Brexit protest outside the Town Hall.

Wedding guests and onlookers were stunned when the bride picked up and waving a placard being carried by passing anti-Brexit protestors

Bearing the slogan ‘Stop Brexit’, the banner was being carried by a passing group of marchers from the pro-EU campaign group Leeds for Europe.

As she stood on the steps of Leeds Town Hall at about 2.30pm having her wedding photographs taken surrounded by her wedding guests, the bride noticed the protestors and asked if she could borrow one of their placards to create a unique wedding photograph.

Leeds for Europe had been in Leeds city centre throughout the day. Events started with a rally in Dortmund Square, where a large crowd heard from several speakers and were entertained by anti-Brexit protest music.

The event , which took place last Saturday, opened with speeches including Labour MEP Richard Corbett, who said: "If a democracy cannot change its mind, it ceases to be a democracy.”

Event organiser, Richard Wilson, commented: “This was the biggest day of action against Brexit that the city of Leeds has seen so far.

"The fact that our numbers are continually growing and that there is strong interest in the city for our message that Brexit needs to be cancelled show that this matter is far from settled in the minds of the public. With prices rising in our shops and businesses putting investment plans on hold, the case for thinking again on Brexit is growing daily.

"Leeds for Europe will continue to make the case for a reversal of the Brexit process because we believe that going ahead with Brexit would be catastrophic for the people of Yorkshire and the rest of the UK.”

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