Break land into ‘parcels’ to boost new homes, says builders’ group

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Land in Leeds and other cities facing a housing crisis must be broken down into small and “micro” parcels wherever possible in order to really boost house building, according to industry experts.

Brian Berry, chief executive of the Federation of Master Builders, said the availability of small sites is “the greatest barrier” that small and medium sized house builders currently face when delivering new homes. He said the Government’s new initiative to make public land available to small builders was “welcome”, adding: “We need to bring more small house builders back into the market if we have any hope of addressing the housing shortfall. Directly funding developments on publicly owned land, with planning permission already granted, should encourage growth of smaller builders.”

Leeds council bosses have pledged to build 70,000 homes by 2028 to meet rising demand. Planning chiefs will meet later this week to discuss the city’s Brownfield Land programme, designed to come up with innovative ways of selling and developing pieces of previously built-on land.