Bradford supermarket fined £19,000 for out of date food


A supermarket has been fined by magistrates following the discovery of food being sold past its use by date.

Shimla Superstore Ltd and one of its directors Muhammed Nadeem were fined a total of £19,100 plus £1,323 costs and a £100 victim surcharge at Bradford Magistrates Court on Friday following the discovery of food being sold past its use by date at its premises on Clayton Road, Bradford.

Officers from West Yorkshire Trading Standards undertook a routine inspection at Shimla Superstore on September 13, 2016.

At this time Officers discovered 88 items available for sale past their Use by Date.

The longest of which were 5 items 48 days past their use by date of 27th July 2016. When added together the total number of days past its use by date was 1769.

When interviewed by Officers one of the company directors Muhammed Nadeem advised that due to changes in staffing, a break in and family issues they had been struggling to maintain regular date checking of the items within the fridges and had been mainly relying on checks that suppliers had been undertaking.

No date checking records indicating that date checks had been undertaken were available to officers and there was no evidence of staff training.

Following the inspection of the store and the subsequent inspection, the store director has advised Officers that they have now employed new members of staff, undertaken training of all staff in relation to date checking and have developed more rigorous date checking procedures.

Businesses are reminded to ensure that they undertake regular checks on items bearing use by dates and invest in appropriate staff training and recording methods. It is an offence to make available for supply to customers any items of food past their use by date. Use by dates are placed on foods which are considered from a microbiological view, to be highly perishable and are therefore likely after a short period to constitute an immediate danger to human health. Food available for sale past this date is automatically deemed unsafe.

David Lodge Head of West Yorkshire Trading Standards said: “Friday’s result highlights the importance of all food businesses being diligent in meeting their legal responsibilities. Food Businesses must take steps to ensure that only food which is safe and has not exceeded its use by date is supplied to customers and communities which they serve.”

Should you have concerns that your local shop is selling food past its use by date please contact 03454 04 05 06 to report this, this can be done anonymously.

Should any business wish to have further advice, information or training please contact West Yorkshire Trading Standards via: dutyofficer@wyjs.org.uk