Bored jurer halted sex trial

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A JUROR who failed to attend court halfway through a sex trial told police: “I can’t be bothered, it’s really boring.”

Her non-appearance at Leeds Crown Court halted proceedings, running up a legal bill of around £16,000, and the hearing had to be rescheduled.

Michelle Rogers was arrested and ended up in the dock of the court where she was supposed to have been on the jury panel for a two-week case.

She appeared before judge Guy Kearl yesterday after police went to her home in Castleford and arrested her for contempt of court.

The court heard Rogers’ actions meant the trial was halted for a day, costing around £16,000.

Rogers failed to attend the court on Monday, mid-way through the case. Rogers initially refused to open the door when a police officer was sent to her home.

Judge Kearl said: “When she was told it was the police she opened the door and was told she ought to be in court.

“She said she couldn’t get there because she had no money for the bus and had no access to the telephone.”

The judge continued: “When a lift was offered she went upstairs and then came back downstairs and said ‘I don’t want to go. I can’t be bothered. I have been there for two weeks already and it’s really boring.”

When officers told her they had no option but to arrest her she replied: “I don’t want to go. You can’t make me.”

The judge told Rogers: “You simply failed to turn up last week when you were in the middle of a jury trial and as a result of that the jury was unable to proceed.

“It is part of your civic duties – your duties as a citizen to attend this court and assist in the administration of justice.”

Rogers said: “I could not get hold of anybody. I don’t think it is my fault anyway because I didn’t have any bus fare.”

The judge chose not to take any further action against Rogers due to her “dire financial circumstances.”

Arrangements were made for her to see the Citizens Advice Bureau.

The trial eventually continued with 11 members after Rogers’ arrest.