Boom for Leeds’s office developments

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Leeds is great for the office development market because the city offers a highly skilled workforce, according to the developer of a landmark business park.

MEPC, which is developing and managing Wellington Place, said that the office market in the region is strong.

James Dipple, chief executive of MEPC, told the Yorkshire Evening Post: “Leeds is a great city because it’s got a fantastic offer of highly skilled staff. In the hierarchy in the UK, Leeds is one of the big six cities for commercial office space, along with Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Glasgow and Edinburgh.”

Mr Dipple said that young people are more interested in living in urban environments so that they can live, work and socialise in and around the city - something that the Wellington Place development is looking to capture.

Yesterday MEPC unveiled Tower Square, the public realm at the Wellington Place development.

“The whole launch is about Tower Square - the creation of this new public realm and that’s what companies want. They’re looking to change the way that they work,” Mr Dipple said.

Dominique Simcox, marketing manager at MEPC, said: “It’s all about creating a community. It’s not just a place to work but a place to meet friends so that companies can work together.

“We’ve got everything from sewing classes, beekeeping, choir, allotments - all sorts of things to bring people out so that they can do something that is not work.

“There’s a social aspect to things.”