Bodybuilder in hotel rampage over lost sleep

Court story
Court story
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AN angry bodybuilder attacked a woman who was part of a group who woke him up as he was trying to sleep at a West Yorkshire hotel, a court heard.

Former soldier Lee Sorrentino pushed the victim to the ground and she hit her head on a metal pole in the corridor outside his room after hurling abuse at three women in the 2am incident.

Leeds Crown Court heard Sorrentino, 30, had been trying to get to sleep shortly before the incident at the Campanile Hotel, Wakefield, on July 16.

Jeremy Lindsay said Sorrentino came out of his room and swore at the women before grabbing a sandwich that one of the women was holding and trying to push it into her mouth.

One of the other women then tried to intervene but was pushed to the ground.

The receptionist on duty described how he was too afraid to intervene as he feared he would also be attacked.

The members of staff told police officers Sorrentino had been “extremely aggressive” and intimidating.

After his arrest Sorrentino told police he had done three bodybuilding sessions earlier in the day and was trying to get some rest.

Sorrentino, of Kingsbury Close, Flint, north Wales, pleaded guilty to assault, threatening behaviour and breach of a suspended sentence order.

In March he had been given a suspended sentence for ordering illegal drugs online which helped him overcome anxiety and lack of appetite caused by bodybuilding.

He also has two previous convictions for violence and has served a prison sentence.

Sorrentino was given a two-month prison sentence, suspended for 12 months, and fined £50.

Judge Tom Bayliss, QC, told Sorrentino: “You are a man with a short temper. It was quite inexcusable behaviour on your part - a man who was plainly much more physically intimidating than any on the victims of this assault. The degree of upset can be gauged from what the receptionist said. You were so aggressive that he dared not approach you.”

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