Bloomin’ good idea for village

June 13 2015 Hanging basket 2
June 13 2015 Hanging basket 2
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The seeds are being planted for the formation of a Farsley in Bloom community group.

Professional landscape gardener, Rob Hyde who has run his own business ‘Jungletamer’ since 2011, came up with the idea which is now gaining support from all around the village after being muted on Facebook

He is in the process of obtaining further information about funding and setting up the group and a public meeting is set to be held in Farsley at a later date.

The group will be voluntary and independent, in line with most other local other Bloom groups, and is open to ideas and projects.

However, ideas already being talked about are working with Spring Bank Primary to utilise the school garden and encourage pupils to grow their own fruit and veg, put hanging baskets along the high street and spruce up the war memorial.

Mr Hyde said there had already been offers from local residents to plant and grow products and offers of a venue for the meeting.

He said: “I had thought of it last year but then we got so busy in summer it was too late.

“Over Christmas I thought I would do something about it and put a message on Facebook to see if there was any support.

“I was pretty confident people would support it because there is a real community spirit in Farsley but after a couple of days there were 100 people on the page.

“I think we can definitely get things done this year and when people see things being done they might be more inclined to get involved.”

Mr Hyde is meeting with Pudsey In Bloom this week which has offered help and details of a public meeting will be released later.