‘Bedroom tax’ protestors make their mark in Leeds

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Hundreds took to the streets of Leeds on Saturday to show their opposition to the ‘bedroom tax’ a year after its introduction.

Campaigners called on Leeds City Council to stop proceedings against affected tenants and introduce a no eviction policy for bedroom tax arrears.

The march was organised by Hands Off Our Homes, a group of tenants and residents living in Leeds.

Protesters carrying placards and posters gathered in Victoria Gardens and march through Leeds City Centre along the Headrow and Briggate.

Dan Brooks, a campaigner from Hands Off Our Homes said: “The bedroom tax effectively targets vulnerable tenants. Today we are standing up against this hated tax and to demand the Council stand with tenants and refuse to implement this policy that is causing stress, illness, poverty and hardship.”

John Davies, Chair of Hands Off Our Homes said: “We are calling on Leeds City Council to announce a no eviction policy and stop issuing possession proceedings against those that cannot afford to pay. The bedroom tax may be a central government invention but it is the local councils that are currently attempting to enforce it.”