‘Beaten and left to die’: Leeds murder trial is told of friends’ brutal attack

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A man died after being violently beaten at a house by two friends who then helped dump his body in a street, a jury was told.

A court heard Jason Hall, 36, suffered major head, face and chest injuries after being punched and stamped on by Steven Sharkey, 36, and Paul Carey, 38, at the house on Lombard Street, Halton Moor.

Mr Hall died from his injuries in hospital after his body was found in the early hours of the morning by a man walking a dog on Temple Newsam View.

Sharkey, of William View, Osmondthorpe, has already pleaded guilty to murder and two offences of attempting to pervert justice by moving the body and trying to cover up the attack by cleaning the property and getting rid of evidence.

Carey, of Lombard Street, is on trial at Leeds Crown Court where he denies murder and two offences of attempting to pervert justice.

Kevin Spencer, Carey’s cousin, also of Lombard Street, is on trial accused of attempting to pervert justice.

Spencer was working at the time of the attack but is alleged to have helped cover-up the alleged murder by driving Carey’s car when Mr Hall’s body was disposed of.

He told officers after his arrest that he had come home from work and “walked into a nightmare”.

Spencer said that earlier in the evening he had received a phone call from Carey who told him: “We’ve battered Jay.”

Peter Moulson QC, prosecuting, said forensic evidence indicated that Mr Hall had been subjected to a sustained attack in the kitchen and bled heavily during the incident.

The court heard Mr Hall and Sharkey had known each other since school and had spent the day with other friends drinking.

The group had been together playing pool in the Leodis pub, on Gross Green Lane, Whitkirk, on August 30 last year.

They had been described as laughing and joking and in good spirits.

But witnesses later said that Sharkey had been verbally abusive to Mr Hall and had jabbed him in the foot with a pool cue.

On another occasion he was seen pushing a sweeping brush into Mr Hall’s face.

Mr Hall also told a friend: “I think I’m going to get a crack tonight.”

Later in the evening Sharkey and Mr Hall visited the Station pub at Cross Gates and bought alcohol at a Tesco store on Selby Road.

They then made their way to Carey and Spencer’s home on Lombard Street where Carey allowed them in.

After his arrest Carey said he had not taken part in the violence and had tried to intervene when Sharkey attacked Mr Hall.

He said he had helped move the body, cleaned blood from the scene and got rid of Sharkey’s clothing because he was in fear of him.

Spencer told officers he helped move Mr Hall’s body because he was scared of both men.


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