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Newspaper news room.'2nd May 2017.'Picture Jonathan Gawthorpe
Newspaper news room.'2nd May 2017.'Picture Jonathan Gawthorpe
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This friday the Yorkshire Evening Post will be opening its virtual doors to you and inviting you to find out more about how we report the news.

Find out how a story ends up on our websites or in our papers, and how our journalists work on a day-t0-day basis.

Fighting Fake News campaign

Fighting Fake News campaign

Times have changed in newsgathering over the years, but the fundamentals remain the same. We report and reflect on what is happening in our area, give our readers the facts as soon as we can get them and supplement our stories with eye-witness accounts, quotes and information from a variety of sources.

That’s what gives you the rounded picture of any issue, event or breaking news story and what distances papers like ours from other, less-reliable sources. We follow strict rules, like those laid out in the Editors’ Code of Practice and abide by media law which govern how we report on meetings, inquests, court cases and crime stories,

Only this week it has emerged that Facebook has been the biggest influence on our voting patterns in recent times, including in the Presidential elections in the US and in the EU Referendum in the UK.

But how can you trust that what you are reading is based on fact, and not just someone’s opinion?

Newspapers like the YEP clearly differentiate their opinion pages from their news pages. Our journalists are all trained by the National Council for the Training of Journalists to the highest industry benchmarks - from law and ethics to shorthand to ensure accuracy above all. Our journalists are human too, and are passionate professionals and not just some digital algorithm!

This Friday you’ll be able to find out more about how we work, but ahead of that we want to know what you’d like to find out.

Please email us the questions you’d like us to answer to yep.newsdesk@ypn.co.uk and please take part in this interactive day online, on Facebook and on Twitter @LeedsNews.