Batley: Regulars help pay for pub cat’s vet care

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HE might have been left behind when his owners moved away from his pub – but Tigger the cat certainly landed on his feet.

The friendly moggy, who is thought to be between 18 and 22-years-old, stayed on at The Cellar Bar in Batley when the former landlords moved out nearly two decades ago.

But the pub cat Tigger is more than happy to play the role of the purrfect host to his customers.

Regulars at the pub on Station Road even leave their loose change in a special donation tin – which is kept behind the bar – to help pay for Tigger’s vet bills.

The tin normally collects around £80 a month and often manages to raise more money than some of the pub charity collections.

Current landlord Pete Forster has taken Tigger under his wing.

He said: “Each landlord and lady have inherited the cat and there is a joke that Tigger comes with the deeds.

“He really is a people cat and the regulars will bring him chew sticks when they come in.

“We just need to keep an eye on them as they have been known to try and feed him black pudding and beer.”

Tigger was brought to the bar by former landlords Kevin and Pat Hopkins nearly 20 years ago but he was left behind when they decided to move to the coast a couple of years later.

Pete lets his feline friend out overnight when he closes the bar and Tigger can always be found waiting on the windowsill to be let back in the following day.

But the nimble cat, who is quite active in his old age, could still give door staff and bouncers a run for their money.

The purr-fect puss is more than happy to keep mischievous punters in line and has even been known to make a few dogs cower in the corner over the years.

Mr Forster added: “Tigger tends to make himself bigger when he sees a dog in here and lets them know he’s boss.

“It’s good because the dogs sit in the corner and are really well-behaved.

“We have people in from all over Lancashire for the Real Ale Trail.

“They think it’s quite a novel thing to have a pub cat and they’ll put money in his jar. He’s so affectionate to everyone.”

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