Ball to honour heart op charity

A couple is to hold a black tie ball in February to raise money for the Children's Heart Surgery Fund at Leeds General Infirmary, after their daughter had to undergo three operations before her first birthday.

Emmeline White was born in October 2017 and diagnosed with a heart murmur which proved to be three different heart defects.

She was transferred by ambulance to Leeds Intensive Care Unit when she was just five days old and the cardiology team performed surgery on Emmeline on her eighth day.

Since then, Emmeline has returned to hospital twice for two further operations, the last of which was open heart surgery last February.

Sasha White, Emmeline’s mother, said: “Congenital Heart Disease isn’t an easy fix and she will always require monitoring. However, for now, aged one, she’s happy and healthy.

“When the time comes for future intervention, we know that the amazing team at LGI and the Children’s Heart Surgery Fund will be there to help her through.”

Mum Sasha said the Children’s Heart Surgery Fund supported them at every step.

“So many of the machines that helped keep Emmeline going bore the symbol of the CHSF as their fundraising provides machines sorely needed by the Leeds Congenital Heart Unit.”

The charity also provided Sasha and husband Jack White with a room at the hospital and wanted to honour their help.

Jack added: “By fundraising we want to thank the Children’s Heart Surgery Fund and help them in their mission to support children and families with Congenital Heart Disease.

“We are holding the ball on the anniversary of Emmeline’s last surgery and hope people will join us in raising money for this vital charity, and also have a good time.”

Tickets, £50, from: