Bad broadband connection ‘holding back’ Leeds homeworkers

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POOR broadband connections are holding back people who work from home in Leeds – despite the number of home-workers sky-rocketing.

Around 71 per cent of Leeds residents work from home at least once a month, according to a new survey.

But their productivity is being held back by poor broadband, according to a study by Hyperoptic, which involved 500 people in Leeds to get an insight into how connectivity is affecting homeworking in the city.

Almost 90 per cent said their home broadband is slower than at the office, causing a negative impact on productivity due to dropped video calls, intermittent web access and time wasted spent uploading and downloading files.

Nearly three quarters of workers admitted they feel more productive in the office, largely due to poor internet connectivity at home.

Steve Holford from Hyperoptic said: “As businesses move to data-driven cloud-based models, remote and homeworking becomes an option for an increasing amount of workers in Leeds – giving them a better work-life balance, without necessarily impacting overall business efficiency. However it’s imperative they have the tools to be effective. As we look to the future, home broadband will no doubt start to become an issue for recruitment and HR professionals alike.”