Award for Army cadet who battled to try and save father after heart attack

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A FORMER Army cadet who tried to save his father’s life has become one of just six in the country to receive a prestigious award.

Ross Kelly, from Bradford, has been awarded the St John Ambulance Young First Aider of the Year Medal. The teenager was a cadet and just 15 when his father, Mark, suddenly collapsed, aged 42. Ross acted immediately, drawing on his training from the Army Cadet Force, putting his father on the floor and began cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

While his mother, Susan, relayed instructions from the emergency services, Ross continued to administer CPR to his father until paramedics arrived.

On their arrival, the ambulance crew asked Ross to continue until they were ready to take over.

Ross’s use of CPR was sufficient to prevent his father’s condition from deteriorating and he was taken to hospital for treatment. The paramedics reported that Ross had been excellent at following instructions and remained calm under pressure. While his father later died, the family were able to be with him at the hospital.

The Commandant of Yorkshire (North and West) Army Cadet Force, Colonel Malcolm Render, said: “Ross is a perfect example of what excellent training and being calm under pressure can achieve and Yorkshire Army Cadet Force are very proud of him, as I am sure his family are.”

Ross, who is now 16, is studying Psychology, Philosophy and Product Design at Beckfoot School in Bingley.

The teenager is also a lifeguard at Bingley swimming pool.

Mrs Kelly said: “Although as you can imagine it was a very traumatic time for us, Ross kept completely calm throughout and even though he was carrying out the CPR he also had time to keep me calm.

“Even though Mark didn’t survive, Ross still gave him the very best chance of doing so, and that’s why I am so happy that he has received this recognition from St John Ambulance.”

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