Aspiring Yorkshire actress kills herself after death of beloved fiance

A talented actress who spent every day in hospital by the side of her "soulmate" as he battled a brain tumour killed herself after he lost his brave fight, an inquest heard.

Tragic Nikki Sam-Addae, 23, who was on the road to stardom after scooping a first-class honours degree in acting, spiralled into depression after the death of her beloved fiance Luke Evans in January last year.

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Nikki had taken a year out of university to spend Luke's final days at his bedside but still managed to pass her degree with flying colours and had been signed up to a London talent agency before her heart-wrenching death.

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Huddersfield Coroners Court heard today that she had been found by a passer-by in a wooded area near her home in Huddersfield, seven months after Luke's death and just a month before she got her degree from the University of Central Lancashire.

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She had met fiance Luke, 23, who was also an aspiring actor, while at

university. He was diagnosed with a brain tumour in January 2008.

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Friends even set up "The Luke Evans Fund" on social networking site Facebook, which helped pay for Nikki's bus fares to and from Preston Royal Infirmary, where Luke was being treated. They said the reason he had survived for so long was because Nikki was by his side.

Devastated mum Kathryn Dhurmea said in a statement read at the inquest: "All she ever wanted to become since she was young was an actress. She would sing and dance around the house and perform for the family with her younger sister.

"Nikki worked so hard at school and university, she was a perfectionist. She was a talented young woman who fell in love and lost her soulmate far too young."

Her brother Justin, 34, said after her death in August: "Luke spent the last 12 months of his life in intensive care. Nikki took a year out of university and spent every day with him.

"After Luke passed away she went back to university and completed her degree.

"Nikki was very intelligent, she always got A-stars. She was the only person on her course to get a first. But she just couldnt cope living without Luke.

"She was such a fun-loving person who went through life enjoying herself and giving 100 per cent to everything she did. She was a fantastic, bubbly person who was always keen to help other people."

Nikki had been accepted by an acting agent in London just weeks before she died.

But tragically she had been battling with demons since Luke died and was taking anti-depressants. In July, she took an overdose of her medication, but rang her brother after she had taken the tablets and she was taken straight to hospital.

Pathologist Dr James Garvican carried out a post mortem examination and

concluded that she took her own life by hanging. There were no other injuries or marks on her body.

Coroner Roger Whittaker recorded a verdict that Nikki took her own life, saying: "I am satisfied that she took her own life after the balance in her life was disturbed as she was affected by the death of her boyfriend."

The Facebook fund set up for Luke has now been changed to the "Luke and Nikki Fund", designed to help other young actors and actresses on the road to success in the devoted couple's names.

The group states: "Luke died in January after his year long fight against the affects of his operation to remove his brain tumour. Since then Nikki had thrown herself into her studies, trying to redeem the lost year of her university course, training to be an actor, whilst dealing with theloss of her soul mate.

"Remarkably, Nikki graduated with the only First Class Honours Degree from her year. She was signed to an agent and it seems, was all set to pursue her and Luke's dream.

"Nikki was so humble and grateful for all the help the Fund gave her during these difficult months."

The fund has now been set up "to recognise, their love, passion, empathy and joy, their devotion to acting and extraordinary potential. We would like them to live on in the potential of others..."

Nikki leaves behind parents Sam and Kathryn, brothers Antony and Justin and sisters Christine and Vanessa. Nikki was also aunt to five children.