Arsonist is sent to prison for setting fire to her home

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A grandmother has been sent to prison for setting fire to her home after getting drunk.

Tanya Sadd told firefighters who came to tackle the blaze at her home in Pontefract that she had started the fire because she hated her life.

Leeds Crown Court heard emergency services were called to Sadd’s home on Churchbalk Drive, Pontefract, on May 13 this year.

Carmel Pearson, prosecuting, said Sadd had been drinking before the incident.

Firefighters were called to the property at 3.30pm. Sadd started the fire by setting fire to a towel in the bedroom of the semi-detached property.

Smoke damage was caused to the bedroom but firefighters stopped the blaze spreading.

After her arrest she admitted police she had started the fire and could not put it out after she returned to it. She said she would not have done it had she been sober.

Sadd, 46, pleaded guilty to arson being reckless as to whether life was endangered.

John Nixon, mitigating, said: “She had at the time of this offence a mind that was clearly in turmoil.”

A probation report into her behaviour assessed her as a low risk of offending again if she stays away from alcohol. Mr Nixon added: “She has resolved not to touch drink again.”

Mr Nixon said Sadd has the support of her family.

Judge Geoffrey Marson, QC, jailed Tadd for 20 months.

The judge told her: “You had no idea what the consequences could be for those living next door.

“By your plea of guilty you accept that you were reckless in endangering the lives of others.

“I have a public duty to perform. It gives me no pleasure. It is a tragic case.

“But fire is a terrible element. It can escape beyond what is intended or what is foreseen.”

Andy Thorburn of EMIS

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