Arrests over reports of armed youths taking part in ‘pre-arranged fights’ in Leeds park

The incidents have taken place in and around Manston Park
The incidents have taken place in and around Manston Park
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Police have arrested several youths as part of investigations into “pre-arranged fights” involving weapons in a Leeds park.

The Leeds Outer East Neighbourhood Policing Team said several assaults were reported last week by young males at Manston Park.

In a post on Facebook, the NPT said: “[They] were all were allegedly the fall out from pre-arranged fights both in and around the park and also into the Killingbeck area.

“The most serious injury being a broken jaw. Some of these assaults have occurred with offensive weapons.”

Officers have arrested a number of youths and say they are speaking to local schools in an effort to “educate teenagers involved”.

The Facebook post said: “We want the park and the adjoining streets to be a safe environment for everyone to enjoy. The new surfaces laid by the council, if they are destroyed are likely not to be replaced as the cost is so high. This is your park. Please look after it.

“We will be increasing the police activity in those areas.”

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