Armed police close Leeds street and arrest two men but 'no riot taking place'

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Armed police have closed a Leeds road tonight (Wednesday) and arrested two men.

West Yorkshire Police's armed police unit were called to two homes in Beeston, where they arrested two men.

Tempest Road and Dewsbury Road were closed off while the incident took place.

Armed police are still on the scene at the addresses, and have been there since 4.30pm.

Rumours circulated on social media about a 'riot', but the force says this is not the case.

In a statement the force said: "Armed police attended at two addresses in Beeston this evening to conduct a planned operation in relation to suspected criminal activity.

Police in Tempest Road, Beeston

Police in Tempest Road, Beeston

"Two men were arrested from one of the properties in connection with the operation.

"Officers remain on the scene as investigations continue."

The incident has been going on since around 4.30pm.

Insp David Peach said: "I suspect if people report it they have probably seen lots of police officers and noticed some have firearms. But there is no riot taking place."