APPEAL: Woman hits out at Leeds coffee shop for 'asking breastfeeding mum to leave'

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A woman has taken to social media to hit out at a coffee shop which she claims asked a breastfeeding mum to leave.

The post on Facebook detailed how the mum, a relative of the post's author, was 'publicly embarrassed' for 'quietly breastfeeding the baby under a blanket'.

The post on Facebook

The post on Facebook

She said: "I am so sad, angry and disgusted to hear that my beautiful family member and friend was asked to leave Costa in Leeds Trinity last week - why? For quietly breastfeeding her four week old baby in the corner, under a blanket (despite the fact that there was no feeding chair in the toilet, and her baby was hungry).

"So many new mothers have been put in this position and publicly embarrassed and forced into having to sit on dirty toilets feeding their newborns.

"Why do some people believe the act of feeding a child is something obscene instead of something necessary?

"Apart from anything, women who breastfeed in public in the UK are protected from discrimination by the Equality Act, passed in 2010."

The second part of the post

The second part of the post

The editor of The Yorkshire Post, James Mitchinson, has offered to personally send a bouquet of flowers to the affected mum. Do you know who she is? Share this post and help find her.

A spokesman for Costa Coffee said: "We were concerned to hear about this post, having not heard directly from the customer.

"We have always been very happy for mothers to breastfeed in our stores and for all those who prefer a more private area, we offer baby changing facilities.

"Costa is renowned for its family friendly environment and is the perfect place for mum's to relax with their children.

"Our staff will also warm bottles for mothers, deliver drinks to their tables and go out of their way to accommodate families."

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