Appeal over stone thefts in Leeds suburb

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headingley councillors are urging local people to be vigilant about the theft of Yorkshire paving stones in the area.


Headingley councillor Janette Walker (Labour)

Headingley councillor Janette Walker (Labour)

Ward councillors Janette Walker, Neil Walshaw and Jonathan Pryor are concerned about the number of thefts and attempted thefts.

But they believe residents’ vigilance and a safe theft reporting system have a huge part to play in solving the problem.

Labour councillor Janette Walker said: “As ward councillors we have been working to ensure everyone knows the impact of Yorkshire paving stone thefts. Once the stones are gone it is not usually possible to replace them, so we need to ensure that we prevent further thefts.

“We are seeking to ensure the police have enough information to act quickly, alongside the other efforts they are making to reduce these thefts. Local vigilance has a huge part to play. I urge local people to let the police know about thefts either when they are in progress or when they notice this has happened. This will help them build up a picture of who is doing it and when.

“Of course we don’t want people to put themselves in danger; the information we need is what is being stolen, when and the registration number of the vehicles being loaded if this can be seen safely. I will continue to work with the police in order to ensure they actively identify and pursue people are stealing our beautiful local stones.

“By doing this we can try as save more of this wonderful stone paving.”

People should call 101 with any information on any local Yorkshire Stone thefts. In an emergency, or during a crime in progress, call 999.