Anxious parents turn to secret tutoring

Anxious parents are turning to secret tutoring in a bid to alleviate some of the stress over how their child performs at school.

Tuesday, 26th February 2019, 5:15 am

A survey of 4,000 parents with children aged between 14-18 suggests one in eight (12%) feel anxious about their child’s progress on a daily basis, with 28% worrying at least once a week.

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The research from MyTutor indicates that 39% of parents have turned to tutoring, but three in 10 admit to keeping it a secret from other parents.

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Some 28% said this was because they feared being judged as a pushy parent.

Around a quarter (24%) said it was because they did not want others to think their child was not smart enough.

However, the vast majority of those questioned (96%) said they would not judge another parent for using a tutor.

More than a third of parents (35%) said they chose tutoring because their child had fallen behind at school, and 28% said they felt it would help them get into the best universities.

One fifth of the parents surveyed worry about not having the knowledge to help their children with their homework.

Co-founder and CEO of MyTutor, Bertie Hubbard, said: “We know that when it comes to academic pressure it’s not just the children who feel the heat - it’s their parents too.

“Whilst it’s worrying to see just how often parents are feeling overwhelmed about their child’s academic progress, tutoring can be a great way to alleviate this, and for many parents it is seen as an extension to their school education.”