Anti-Trump protests to take place on inauguration day in Leeds

Two protests against Donald Trump assuming the US presidency will take place tomorrow.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 19th January 2017, 9:58 am
Updated Thursday, 19th January 2017, 10:02 am

Political activists in Leeds have organised the gatherings on Friday, the day Trump is sworn in to his role at the official inauguration ceremony.

Leeds Stand Up To Racism have planned a demonstration on the steps of the University of Leeds's Parkinson Building from 12-1pm, and there will be a further protest run by Leeds TUC from 5-6pm in Dortmund Square.

All are welcome to attend both events.

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On their Facebook page, Leeds TUC stated:

"Socialist Alternative in the US have initiated the call for a national shut down on January 20, the day of Trump's inauguration. We will protest in solidarity with the workers, young people, Black Lives Matter activists, trade unionists, LGBT people, abortion rights defenders and all of those in the US and across the world who reject Trump and want to build a new party of the 99 per cent to fight austerity and capitalism. Join us!"