Angry YEP readers respond to attacks on police officers in Leeds

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Yorkshire Evening Post readers have been having their say on the best way to bolster the thin blue line following assaults on two police officers in Leeds.

A 50-year-old officer had to be treated in hospital after being assaulted from behind and knocked unconscious as he returned a missing 16-year-old girl to her home on Kentmere Avenue in Seacroft on Saturday morning.

He was attacked after intervening when he saw a man and a woman arguing.

And, in an incident on Saturday night, a police officer who stopped a car near the Owlcotes Centre in Pudsey was assaulted by four men who then drove off.

The attacks have been condemned by the YEP’s online readers, with Angieneed writing on our website: “Once people think it’s OK to assault Police Officers it shows that respect for others – anyone in society – has been lost. This can then lead to anarchy and no one is then safe from the fear of harm or loss.”

Also on the YEP site, Rapdud wrote: “These officers are just normal people doing at times an unenviable job. Most people show respect regardless because of this and the fact [is] we’re all aware they are getting thinner on the ground due to cut backs, putting them in undesirable positions with minimal back up.”

Over on Facebook, Michael Banks wrote: “The justice system is letting the police down by handing out lenient sentences and slaps on the wrist.”

Another Facebooker, Nicole Marie, wrote: “If they can assault a police officer they will assault anyone. You lose respect for the law you lose respect for anyone around you.”

Mark Taylor, meanwhile, posted: “Very sad, a reflection of dissolving communities and the ‘I’ attitude.”

And, also on Facebook, Pat Rhodes wrote: “We should go with America for all crimes....3 strikes and they’re in for life. Death penalty for murder of a policeman doing his duty or a fireman or ambulance driver. I would not be a policeman for a million pounds a week.”