Anger over bus ‘verge damage’ on Leeds estate

The damaged verge. PIC: Laura Bailey
The damaged verge. PIC: Laura Bailey
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A WOMAN has spoken out after the driver of a First bus apparently failed to clean up after leaving a grass verge in her community in a mess.

Laura Bailey also accused some drivers of purposely omitting the Monkswood estate from her 49 journey with a ‘not in service’ sign and then putting the route number back up afterwards.

As Ms Bailey and a neighbour took their daughters to Brownies at Monkswood Gate, she said that they saw a First bus stuck in the mud near where Ramshead Drive and the Seacroft ring road meet.

“Clearly they used debris under the tyres to stop them spinning in the mud, but they did not clear up after themselves,” she said.

She added: “We regularly have number 49 buses 
omitting the Monkswood estate, changing their sign to ‘not in service’ then halfway down Easterly Road they change it back to 49.”

Ms Bailey, who says she cannot afford her own personal form of transport, is “so sick” of not being able to get to her work as a temporary PA on time that she has penned a letter to 
transport secretary Chris Grayling.

Paul Matthews, managing director at First West Yorkshire, said: “I’d like to reassure everyone that we take customer complaints very seriously and I will be investigating this incident in the Monkswood Gate area with my operations team.

“I’d also like to address the point about bus destination signs being changed as this is not something that any of our drivers should be doing during a live bus service.

“I will be discussing this with my team also, but I’d like to reassure customers that we do listen to all feedback received and we are working hard to provide a bus service that this city can be proud of.”