Anger at threat to peace in quiet Leeds street

Residents in Greenlea Close, Yeadon.
Residents in Greenlea Close, Yeadon.
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Angry residents in a Leeds suburb are calling for a change to planning laws.

Homeowners on Greenlea Close, in Yeadon, fear that their quiet close is in danger of becoming a busy road after work began to build 30 new homes on green-belt land on their doorsteps.

Developers were granted permission to build on the site close to their homes after a planning inspector ruled that Leeds City Council did not have an adequate housing land supply.

Despite an appeal to the High Court, locals were dismayed to see the work begin.

Resident and mum Clare Jones said: “The street will be a thoroughfare and it will no longer be a close.

“It’s quite safe at the moment for youngsters to play outside but they won’t be able to once speeding cars are going up and down the road.

“It will be a whole new ball game when the development starts.

“There are houses literally being built at the bottom of people’s gardens and I think that must be just awful for them.

“This is yet another development in which valuable green space is being used.”

Dozens of neighbouring Guiseley residents and local campaign groups also hit out at planning laws earlier this year after another developer was granted planning permission to build 98 dwellings on Netherfield Road.

Over the last 20 months, Leeds City Council has lost at least seven planning appeals to build more homes in the city because inspectors found that the council did not have a five-year housing land supply.

The Planning Inspectorate has also given the green light to the development of land on the doorstep of a historic church in Adel.

Local MP Stuart Andrew said: “This is a huge problem because if we don’t get our act together, we will lose a lot of land like this.

“We have got to look at this whole issue about five-year land supply because it is arbitrary.

“It is important to make sure we have got enough homes for local people but if nobody is buying homes then you are missing the point entirely.

“It is just destroying parts of our countryside.”

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