American bar game craze here in Leeds

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The biggest craze in bar games is coming to Leeds and literally in a huge way.

Sports bar, Shooters, is about to have two giant 22f-long shuffleboard tables installed so customers can grab their pucks and show off their slide skills in America’s favourite bar-room challenge.

Staff are being trained in the rules ahead of the two 250kg wedges of maple being set up.

The concept of the game, which started off in the States, is simple and bosses at the bar expect it will be a big hit.

Players just need to try to get their pucks to the highest scoring area on the shuffleboard without falling off the end of the playfield into the alley. The further it goes, the more points are scored, so long as an opponent doesn’t bump it off.

Jason Marlin, general manager of Shooters, “Shuffleboard is a great game for getting everyone involved whether it’s a group of friends or work mates.

“It’s all about aim and control. We’re sure customers will be keen to have a game so we’ll be taking individual bookings, and over the next few months arranging tournaments for people to enter their own teams in, as well as getting businesses involved in shuffleboard networking events.”