‘Amazing’ Kathleen celebrates 104 years

SUPERGRAN: Kathleen Hardisty with son David, grandson Reg and daughter Barbara.
SUPERGRAN: Kathleen Hardisty with son David, grandson Reg and daughter Barbara.
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ONE of Leeds’ oldest residents celebrated her birthday surrounded by friends and family.

Great-grandmother Kathleen Hardisty was treated to a special meal in Chapel Allerton as she turned 104.

Leeds-born Kathleen, who still lives on her own and describes herself as a ‘Yorkshire lass’, said her secret to a long life was ‘hard work’.

She said: “The doctors at St James’ told me a few weeks ago that I have lost weight but I hadn’t lost most brain, and that is the main thing!”

She added: “I wouldn’t be living on my own if it wasn’t for my daughter – she has been marvellous.”

Daughter Barbara Baker, 64, lives close by and visits her mother almost every day, who she describes as an ‘amazing’ woman.

Mum-of-three Kathleen added: “I can remember the Zeppelins coming over Leeds during the First World War.

“We used to have talks about it in assembly.”

Kathleen was born in Harehills in 1910.

She married Joseph Hardisty in 1939 at St Clement’s Church on Chapeltown Road.

The pair were married for more than 60 years before Joseph passed away at the age of 88.

Kathleen has three children, six grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

Kathleen’s grandson Reg Baker, 39, said: “She’s great for the age that she is.

“There are not many grandmas that are 104.”

Working as a tailor for over 30 years, Kathleen also made her children’s clothes for them.

She added: “I have only ever had one job. I made military uniforms at first and then ladies’ clothes.

“I started work when I was 14 until I was 42.

“I wanted to be a buyer at Schofields but my father said I should go into sewing, and you did as you were told in those days.”

Speaking about his mother, son David Hardisty, 71, said: “She is so sharp and determined.

“She is always wanting to do the best for us.

“She’s very fit as well. I can remember not that far back when she could bend and put her hands flat on the floor!”

Kathleen celebrated with a birthday meal at the Queen’s Arms in Chapel Allerton.

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