Advice for Leecds pet owners ahead of Bonfire Night

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VETS in Leeds are urging pet owners to start planning now to ensure their animals have a stress-free Bonfire Night.

White Cross Vets, which has practices in Roundhay and Guiseley, estimates that around three quarters of pets suffer from anxiety because of loud fireworks at this time of year.

James Wood, clinic director at White Cross Vets in Roundhay, said: “There are a wide range of products, such as ‘Feliway’ for cats and ‘Adaptil’ for dogs that release natural calming

pheromones and pet owners can also use CDs that play firework sounds to help desensitise pets to bangs and crackles.”

He added: “In extreme cases, where a dog or cat has a major phobia of fireworks, there are prescribed medications that can calm and settle the pet. However, all precautions against fireworks can take a few weeks to work so anyone concerned about Bonfire Night needs to start preparing for it now.”

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