Abusive Leeds boyfriend punched partner as she comforted her baby

Ashley Parker
Ashley Parker
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A violent boyfriend subjected his partner to a series of drunken assaults, including biting her ear, during a prolonged period of abuse.

Ashley Parker was jailed for two and a half years after pleading guilty to unlawful wounding and an offence of controlling behaviour in an intimate relationship.

Leeds Crown heard the attacks on the victim took place over a four-month period between January and April last year.

During one violent outburst Parker bit her leg and punched the woman in the face so hard that her nose “burst” as she tried to comfort her baby.

In another attack Parker punched the victim to the face several times before kicking and stamping on her as she curled up on the ground to try to protect herself.

She suffered bruising to her face and one of her teeth was knocked out.

Parker also destroyed property in her home during a drunken rage.

On April 16 last year he came home drunk and slapped the woman as she was getting ready for bed. The court heard Parker, of The Crest, Kippax, told the woman she should die and squeezed her throat.

He repeatedly kicked her to the face and called her names.

Parker then grabbed her by the hair as she went to the bedroom window to try to call for help then bit her on the ear, causing bleeding.

Sentencing Parker, judge Tom Bayliss, QC, said: “Your counsel has described your relationship with (the victim) as a toxic relationship.

“It was only toxic because you made it toxic. She loved you.

“She said the relationship was OK when you were sober but vile when you were drunk.

“No doubt you loved her in your own way but how you could behave in this way to someone that you love is quite beyond me. You assaulted her not once but repeatedly.

“When you were sober you were remorseful but when you are in drink you are a very different character.

“What I have before me is a history of abuse.

“You have to learn that the courts will not tolerate behaviour such as this.”