Abortion rights rally in Leeds city centre

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A group of socialist activists are to hold a solidarity rally in Leeds city centre tonight.

Yorkshire Socialist Women members will gather in Millennium Square at 6pm to show their support for the abortion rights movement in Ireland.

Socialist MP Ruth Coppinger has recently proposed a bill to repeal the eighth amendment to the Irish constitution, which restricts women accessing abortions in the country.

The group’s co-convenor Amy Cousens said:

“We want to send a message solidarity to Irish women who are fighting for control of their bodies. We’re told that women have acheived equality, but with repressive laws in Ireland and now Poland on abortion rights, a socialist feminist movement is more necessary than ever.”

Fellow activist Tanis Belsham-Wray added:

“There is a real hypocrisy existing, where the practical effect of the eighth amendment is actually to export abortion with Irish women having to travel overseas to access it. Women in any country should have the right to choose, without veto from doctors or the state.”