Abandoned pet was like ‘shaggy blanket’

Before, below after.
Before, below after.
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RESCUERS got a hair-raising shock after finding a dumped dog in such a bad condition they couldn’t tell his rear from his front.

The 10-year-old was found in an appalling condition unable to walk or see from his severely matted coat and muscle wastage.

Captain Scruff.

Captain Scruff.

Staff say his fur was in such a bad state and was so overgrown rescuers couldn’t tell which end was which. The untidy tail-wagger was immediately taken to a vet to be shaved and left staff shocked by the sheer amount he had.

The hound – nicknamed Captain Scruff – was taken in by a branch of Dogs Trust in Leeds.

Assistant manager Emma Cooper said: “You couldn’t even tell what he was – he was like a big black shaggy blanket.

“We didn’t realise which end was which until he was shaved at the vets.

“The poor thing had been so badly looked after, and was probably dumped because of the terrible state he’d gotten into. Even now, we 
can’t even tell for sure what breed he is. Thankfully he’s fine now. He’s better groomed, healthy and happy and is on proper medication for his arthritis.

“Captain Scruff is absolutely lovely – he’s grown a real attachment to particular staff and he’ll just stick to you like glue, following you around all day and pestering you for cuddles.”

Amanda Sands, rehoming manager at Dogs Trust Leeds, said: “We occasionally see dogs whose coat needs a really good brush, but this was on another level.

“He is such a lovely lad, and is just looking for his perfect retirement home and a lovely sofa to curl on up.”


Despite messy appearances, Captain Scruff is said to be extremely affectionate 
and desperate for a new family to give him a 

The pooch, is in good health apart from 
arthritis in his back legs due to his age, loves human company and wants a preferably older couple whose garden he can potter about in.

Amanda added the adorable scruffbag is ideally looking for an owner living in a bungalow as stairs may prove a challenge.

If you can give Captain Scruff a loving new home, please call Dogs Trust Leeds on 0113 281 4920 or visit the centre at York Road, LS15 4NL.

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