A word from the editor: Join our readers’ forum

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This week we hosted a small meeting of our YEP Readers’ Forum.

If you’ve not heard of the forum I’d like to tell you a little bit more about it - and invite you to join us.

It is made up of about 20 readers who put their names forward over a year ago to play a role in the YEP.

It’s fair to say that in the intervening time with a few staffing changes and a change of editor at the paper, those people did not necessarily get the voice they deserved in the paper.

Work and other commitments meant only a few could attend, however, those that did were full of ideas of how they, their expertise and ideas, could help shape what we do at the YEP and the stories we cover. We regularly ask our panel (by email) to have their say on various issues – some serious and some less so. But they also wanted the opportunity to put their views and opinions across on topics they were passionate about or had experience of.

And so today we have the first column from one of our members. You can read Amy Green’s candid piece about her own struggles with mental health and bullying. Her words chime with the paper’s #speakyourmind campaign, which this year is focussing on what employers, workplaces and organisations can do to help recognise and support those with mental health issues.

There were other ideas from the group which we hope to bring to life in the coming weeks and months.

Members of the forum also took part in our recent survey on life in leeds. We now have the survey results back and will be sifting through them over the next few weeks to put together a picture of how you feel about the city.

If you’d like to join the forum or know more about it email chris.page@jpress.co.uk.