A little more conversation! Leeds dating app aims to get people talking

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An innovative Leeds startup is aiming to bring the art of conversation to the dating app world.

Created by young entrepreneurs Max Adamski and Alex Durrant, JigTalk is an app designed to appeal to those who want their search for a date to be about more than just looks.

Photos of people using the app are initially covered by 16 jigsaw pieces that are removed one by one as an online conversation progresses.

The app has already been used by thousands of students across Leeds and now Max and Alex are seeking investment to take it to the next level.

Max told Digital City: “By having the photo covered at first, there’s no ‘oh no, he or she’s out of my league’ that you might get with other dating apps.

“It’s a level playing field and you can prove yourself and keep him or her engaged from the word go.”

JigTalk is based at Entrepreneurial Spark, on Park Cross Street near Leeds Town Hall.

Max said that working in a digital friendly city such as Leeds had been a “massive, massive help” to the fledgling venture.

To get the app, just search for JigTalk at the iOS or Google Play stores.

For further information, visit the www.jigtalk.co website.

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