A holiday souvenir with a difference

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FOR MOST travellers, a holiday souvenir consists of a straw donkey or a bottle of the local tipple.

But for Mia Lorryman, it was man’s best friend.

The teenager from Cross Gates had an emotional reunion with abandoned dog Lady, who she saved from certain death during her Greek holiday.

Mia, 14, and her family fell in love with the stray when they found it outside their villa on Cyprus in July.

She became their constant companion during their two-week break in Latchi and when they left to come home they decided they could not leave her behind.

They agreed to adopt her, paid the £1,000 bill for her jabs and flight, and on Wednesday the pair were reunited.

Her mum Amanda, 55, a tour operator, said: “We made a big fuss of her from the start.

“The owner of the villa asked us if the dog was a problem and that if it was he could get rid of it for us, but we said no.

“She was a stray and the people in the villa before us had been feeding her while they were on their holiday.”

The family, including transport operator dad Ian, 44, named the stray Lady because she reminded them of the beagle from Disney’s Lady and the Tramp. They took her everywhere - for meals, to the beach and to the pool.

And when it came to packing up to return home, they didn’t want to leave her behind.

Amanda added: “Even by the second day we had decided that if Lady kept turning up then we would bring her back.

“I started making calls to see about rescue, but it turns out that abandoned dogs are such a problem in Cyprus that they tend to end up rounding up these animals and terminating them, knowing they are impossible to home.”

After making various calls, the family came across New Zealander Julie Ford, who lives and works on the island for the Cyprus Dogs Rehoming Association.

“She helped us take Lady to the vets to get her checked over to be given a clean bill of health, we also got her a rabies jab so she would be given the approval to come back to England,” Amanda said.

“All that is needed for dog travel now is the rabies jab and then they can travel 21 days later, no quarantine is needed anymore.”

The family arranged for Lady to fly back to Britain and she came to start her new life in West Yorkshire this week.

Amanda said: “Lady became such a big part of our holiday with quite a lot of time being taken to sort her coming back with us, but it is all worth it. We wouldn’t be without her.

“We fell in love with her there and Mia just adores her. Lady was sleeping under her bed every night.”

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