900-degree Celsius inferno leaves Leeds mill building at risk

The incident scene. PIC: Steve Riding
The incident scene. PIC: Steve Riding
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A large mill building is thought to have been left structurally unsound after a huge blaze.

Fire broke out at industrial units at Swallow Hill Mills, on Tong Road, Farnley, at about 4am on Sunday.

About 40 firefighters from across West Yorkshire were involved in dealing with the incident at its height. Police cordoned off the building and crews were set to remain on site overnight.

Watch commander John Cavalier said at its fiercest, the fire reached temperatures of 900 degrees Celsius.

He said: “It was so hot that some of the steel beams have effectively melted.

“Because of the severity of the fire, there are concerns about its structural integrity. We had to withdraw firefighters because we couldn’t be sure it was safe.”

Leeds City Council structural engineers were assessing the building, which is home to offices.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.