£50,000 of Leeds City Council rents written off

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more than £50,000 in rent arrears owed to Leeds City Council has been wiped in the latest round of write-offs.

A report just approved by housing bosses confirms they are writing off £51,797.29 represented by 224 separate accounts. The report says the cash represents “irrecoverable debts” relating to former tenants arrears owed to Housing Leeds in the south and south east of the city.

The total rent and service charges due to the authority in 2014/2015 are around £220m. The total arrears currently owed are around £2.65 million. However there is “bad debt provision” provided in council policy to cover former arrears and current arrears of up to £3.5m.

The latest write-off is the 11th for the financial year 2014/15, bringing the total for the year to £846,761.20 for 1,666 accounts. The amount written off in 2013/14 totalled £1,122,100 relating to 1,986 accounts.