£175,000 plan for Leeds suburb gets green light

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COUNCIL bosses have given the go-ahead to a £175,000 package of improvements for a Leeds suburb.

The work will include the refurbishment of a multi-use games area in Seacroft Gardens, on Foundry Mill Street.


New fencing will also be put in place to protect green space at Ramshead Approach from what Leeds City Council describes as “unauthorised vehicle trespass”.

Both projects have been discussed with Killingbeck and Seacroft ward councillors as well as local youth groups and forums.

Key features of the work planned for Seacroft Gardens include:

* The installation of new goal-ends and floodlights;

* Provision for a tennis court and new acrylic surface colouring;

* The planting of new trees as well as blocks of bulbs.

A council report on the plans says Seacroft Gardens is the only space in the area that “comes close” to achieving the purposes and functions of a community park.

It also points out that the council’s overall vision for the period 2013-17 includes an “emphasis on supporting communities through healthy lifestyles and getting people active [and] building a child friendly city to ensure the best start in life”.

Turning to the Ramshead Approach project, the council report says: “The fencing is required to protect users of the green space from vehicles which are using [it] as a short cut from the estate to the ring road.

“In the wetter winter months, this is causing damage to the green space.”

Work on the Seacroft Gardens scheme is due to get under way in February. A date has yet to be fixed for an on-site start at Ramshead Approach.

* The development of Seacroft during the 1930s transformed what had been a semi-rural village outside Leeds into the largest council estate in Europe.