'15-year-old girl followed juror and offered him £500 bribe during manslaughter trial at Leeds Crown Court'

Leeds Crown Court
Leeds Crown Court
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A JUROR in a manslaughter trial described how a 15-year-old girl followed him from a Crown court and offered him a £500 bribe.

Another member of the jury on the same trial said he had felt "intimidated" after being followed by a man as he left the building.

It is alleged jury members were also filmed after a fire alarm was deliberately set off in a bid to disrupt the proceedings in the case at Leeds Crown Court.
Three men are on trial accused of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice by interfering with the deliberations of members of a jury.

Allan Goodall told the court he was approached by a teenage girl as he walked up the Headrow, near to Leeds town hall, with two other jurors on February 21 this year.

He said: "She put her hand on one of the other juror's shoulders and said 'five hundred pounds, five hundred pounds to find them guilty.'

The court heard Mr Goodall later told police that the teenager then ran off 'like a whippet'.

Mr Goodall said he returned immediately to the court building with the other two jurors to report what had happened.

Another juror on the trial, Daniel Gore, said he realised he was being followed as he walked from the building alone on the same afternoon.

Mr Gore said he ran towards to the Mandela Gardens area but was caught up by the man.

Mr Gore said: "He was saying 'excuse me, excuse me'.

"I knew I wasn't allowed to talk about the case. I turned around and confronted him."

Mr Gore continued: "At that point he had put his hands in his pockets and presented something to me.

"I was taken aback by it because he was less than two feet away from me. It could have been money or a weapon."

Mr Gore said he went into the All Bar One bar on Millennium Square and told a barman that a man had tried to intimidate him.

Mr Gore said the man who had followed him continued to "skulk" around the bar and talk into his mobile phone.

The trial in February was in relation to a 'cash for crash' incident in which the occupant of a car was killed in a deliberate collision.

The prosecution claims those involved in the conspiracy to pervert justice sought to get the jury to return not guilty verdicts or to disrupt the case in order to secure a retrial.

Shahrear Islam-Miah, 27, of no fixed address; Haroon Sharif, 21, of Hale Barn, Altringham, and Abdilahi Ahmed, 26, of Lincoln Towers, Burmantofts, Leeds, plead not guilty to conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

Five defendants have pleaded guilty to the charge. They are: Jonaade Raja Hussain, 27, of Ring Road, Beeston, Leeds; Zafarullah Ahmad, 21, of Hamilton Avenue, Leeds; Raja Zohib Hussain, 31, of no fixed address; Waqas Ahmad, of Hamilton Avenue, Leeds, and Jamie Lee Lawson, 28, of Bayswater Grove, Harehills, Leeds.

The trial continues.