12 Days of Christmas: Five Gold Rings

The five gold rings on Lotherton Hall's Christmas walk.
The five gold rings on Lotherton Hall's Christmas walk.

Lotherton’s Christmas Experience provides the backdrop for our fifth festive forray into the famous ‘12 Days of Christmas’ ode.

Having dispatched the first four, we present ‘five gold rings’, which forms part of the attraction’s Winter Walk, which runs until December 23.

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The various installations mean the country haven is steeped in Christmas magic and excitement. Visitors can follow the walk through the Captains Wood around the estate, make the turtle doves fly, walk through the five gold rings and even be one of the drummers drumming.

There’s also a secret fairy hideaway to discover somewhere in the rock garden and you can visit Santa and meet his elves. The house itself will be bedecked in all its Christmas finery. Everyone can enjoy a cup of hot chocolate or warm snack under the twinkling canopy.

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