Where in Leeds needs spring clean?

Lighter nights and milder weather prompt our community forum to focus on city eyesores that most urgently need spring cleaning.

Sunday, 25th March 2018, 8:27 am
Updated Sunday, 25th March 2018, 8:35 am
Kirkgate market area grot spot, identified as Leeds grimewatch contender.

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So, if spring has sprung, where desperately requires seasonal clean-up?

Sandra Buendía González

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Although admittedly most places could use a little touch up, one issue that has personally affected me is the back alleys between the houses in Headingley and Hyde Park. The bins are often overflowing, sometimes as little as two days after collection, resulting in rubbish being scattered and blown around by the wind.

Natasha Meek

In certain areas of Leeds the pollution is so high it is visible on walls and pavements. Areas near Briggate and Trinity Church are often mucky and unclean, puddles with black powder from polluted air. Perhaps the real spring clean lies in tackling extremely high pollution levels and making more eco-friendly choices.

Pam Dolan

I would say a couple of areas in Leeds. The imposed red light area needs to be made more resident focused. I have a friend who lives there, but too afraid to go out alone, in case mistaken for a guy looking for sex! The other area is the old China Town at the back of what used to be the Old Red Bus Station. When John Lewis build was proposed, I always thought this area would benefit from being the prime site but, because it’s an area people have forgotten about, it was over looked. Shame, really, as solid buildings just boarded up.

Dennis Appleyard

There can be no doubt that the part of Leeds most in need of a spring clean is Kirkgate if, by spring clean, you mean a complete overhaul. This is one of the oldest, most historic parts of the city and is a disgrace.

James Lee

The riverside development is impressive and attractive, and I can’t wait to eat at the relocated Buon Apps Italian restaurant, but the the River Wharfe around the weir is very messy: it is strewn with uprooted tree trunks and large branches, flotsam from the flooding a few years ago.

Lyn Facey

There are many areas in Leeds which are in need of cleaning, but they need much more than a spring clean. These areas need money to be invested in the ageing housing stock, the roads are in need of repair from potholes, and the street cleaners need to remove dumped rubbish from the streets. More people are fly tipping since the council now charge for items removing. I thought council tax is supposed to pay for these things to be done.

Denis Angood

I think we all need to look at our own surroundings and see what we can do ourselves to keep our own areas clean and tidy. Instead of fining those who drop litter, give them an orange jacket and a brush and shove,l and have them cleaning a set area.

Kelly, David

The Leeds United dressing room needs a spring clean … perhaps get some of the cobwebs off the 40%ers!

James Kirk

It's not all about the public face of Leeds, the commercial centre, clean up the residential areas and put some pride back into the suburbs..

Indee Watson

As pleasant as Leeds can be, the issue of both litter and graffiti is something that could be tackled come the spring months, when more people are venturing out into Leeds, to make it a cleaner and more pleasant area.

Gordon Mayne

It's difficult to say where needs a spring clean with all this beautiful snow!

And Memories of Leeds Facebook group members' take on the topic ...

Sharon Richardson

Whitehall Road, from the Cattle Market roundabout to the bend just beyond The Dragon pub, desperately needs litter picked up.

Andrew Field

Side of all railway lines a disgrace!