What dads do for their children

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Father’s day is on the horizon when it’s time to thank them for all they do.

And national polling on behalf of card retailer Clintons has given an indication of the jobs fathers up and down the country will do for their children, even after they’ve left home.

Across the UK, data suggests that the most common support from dads comes in the form of general advice (68 per cent), financial support (43 per cent) and household chores/DIY (38 per cent).

The survey has found that Northern Ireland is home to the most counsellors, with 85 per cent of those polled saying they regularly rely on their dad for advice. Meanwhile, handymen are plentiful in London and Wales, with 44 per cent in those regions saying they call upon their dad for regular help with household DIY.

In the North East, Dads often take on the role of taxi driver (38 per cent), whereas Welsh Fathers are most likely to be the on-call mechanic for their children (45).

The survey finds that Yorkshire and Welsh dads are the most likely to be providing financial support, even after their children have left home. In fact, 40 per cent of all adults aged 55-64 admit to regularly relying on financial support from dad.

Those living in the East of England are most likely to ask for regular help with their own children (22) compared to Yorkshire (10).

According to the survey, other things dads help with range from teaching maths, pet-sitting, decorating and financial accounting to “keeping me up to date with Scottish Railway Preservation”.

Despite many dads supporting children long into adulthood, 41 per cent can’t remember when they last told their Dad they loved them and 11 per cent said they have never told their dad they love them.

Nicola Miller, Head of Cards at Clintons said: “Outdated views around parental roles have shifted in recent years.

“Dads are often the first person we turn to in times of trouble and this relationship continues long into adulthood.

“Despite this, it can be hard to tell dads we love them. Sometimes the words ‘I Love You’ just don’t come naturally.

“Father’s Day is a wonderful chance to show some love to the gardeners, the plumbers, counsellors and taxi drivers that for many, work tirelessly to make our lives easier.”

The majority will spend Father’s Day with their dad this year, with 42 per cent of people saying they will see their father on Father’s Day, and a further 18 per cent saying it is very likely.

Nicola added: “We stock a range of captioned Father’s Day cards for those who struggle to find the words and need a little helping hand.

“We support fathers in all forms from step dads to doting grandads. We also have a range of blank cards for those who are ready to put pen to paper.”