Three reasons you should replace your plastic conservatory roof, according to EYG

Does your home have a conservatory that looks a bit old and unloved? Is it a room you shut off and only use for half the year? Or does your conservatory space no longer suit your family’s needs?

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Friday, 8th March 2019, 11:35 am
EYG's unique Hybrid Roof System, available on Buy Now Pay Later
EYG's unique Hybrid Roof System, available on Buy Now Pay Later

According to home improvement experts EYG, thousands of homes across Yorkshire come complete with conservatories which have seen better days.But rather than rip them down and start again, they believe there are three good reasons why you should replace your plastic conservatory roof instead.Nicola Arnott, head of interior design at EYG, explained: “Unfortunately, older conservatory roofs are notorious for allowing heat to escape because they were fitted with polycarbonate panels which had very few insulating properties.“In most instances, there’s a good chance that a roof of this nature is damaging the environment, costing you money and limiting your lifestyle.“Thankfully, there is a solution in the form of a Hybrid or tiled conservatory roof, which offer a superb thermal performance.”Modern tiled conservatory roofs are thermal efficient and will regulate the interior temperature so that it’s comfortable for use all year round, say EYG – a family-run business which was founded in 1970 and has branches in Hull, Spalding, Lincoln, Doncaster and Leeds.For more information or expert advice, visit and check out their online guide to the best conservatory roofing options.Replace and revitalise your homeHaving replaced thousands of old plastic conservatory roofs during the last decade, EYG are keen to outline why it's a worthwhile investment.Mrs Arnott said: “A Hybrid roof uses a combination of vaulted glass and powder-coated aluminium roof panels for improved insulation, whilst also flooding your conservatory with natural light.“Some homeowners are reluctant to replace a conservatory roof with a solid option, but installing one of these new insulated versions will transform your conservatory’s appearance and revitalise the way you use this valuable living space.“No-one likes paying more than they should be – particularly when it comes to energy bills. But that’s exactly what you’ll be doing if your conservatory roof is 20 years old or more.“Thankfully, advances in manufacturing and double-glazing technology mean it’s now easier than ever to prevent heat escaping though the roof – a proven way to reduce the amount of money you spend on heating your home.”

According to EYG, traditional conservatory roofs were massively inefficient because they were often made from glass panes or thin sheets of polycarbonate, which were usually poorly insulated and left the room beneath unusable for weeks at a time. The classic too hot in summer, too cold in winter scenario.Unfortunately, this means homeowners could never actually use the room as much as they would like to – limiting when and how they could enjoy this valuable extra living space.Mrs Arnott added: “Twenty years ago, tackling climate change wasn’t as high on the agenda as it is today. Pleasingly, we now realise that everyone needs to play their part and minimise their impact on the planet.“By replacing your energy-consuming roof you’ll actually help the environment by lowering your power usage and reducing your carbon footprint. It’s a win-win scenario.”For free expert advice about how to improve your conservatory, visit or call EYG on 0800 181888.

EYG's unique Hybrid Roof System, available on Buy Now Pay Later
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