Stay clean and ‘green’ with the simple way to a spring clean

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As homeowners become more and more environmentally conscious there is little wonder that they are now looking for more eco-friendly ways to clean and maintain their homes.

So, in a quest to help all householders across the region who are tackling their spring cleaning, leading housebuilder Miller Homes has fcome up with a series of top tips to help you tacckle the job you’ve been putting off all winter.

It found that some of the contents of our kitchen cupboards are actually the best cleaning products around! In other words, you don’t even have to spend a penny.

The housebuilder said this would help people save home owners hundreds of pounds a year on domestic chores whilst being infinitely better for our environment.

Most of the products have little impact on the environment compared to the harmful chemicals which are present in many off-the-shelf cleaning products.

And many are things we use every day for other things - vinegar for example, which can be used to help you get some of the best, streak-free windows around. Who knows, it might even save you a bob or two on the local window cleaner.

“Products such as lemon, vinegar and baking soda can be used in a wide variety of ways including removing lime scale, cleaning windows and removing stains from crockery,” commented Jan Hanaby area sales manager Miller Homes Yorkshire.

“And, a simple collection of tools such as disposable cloths, old toothbrushes and a quality natural bristle brush will also help make cleaning just that little bit easier.”

One tip that is particularly handy is cleaning windows with a white vinegar solution to leave windows shiny and streak free, whilst lemon juice works a treat on stubborn stains on crockery and cutlery.

In addition to saving money and eliminating the need for chemical based products more environmentally friendly ways to clean the home can also be much gentler on skin and safer to use too.

“In addition to cleaning our homes some products such as baking soda and white vinegar in various guises can be used to remove stains from laundry, clean exterior plastics such as window frames and conservatories and even your carpets,” said Jan.

“And, perhaps our most essential ingredient for successful spring cleaning, one that we’ve tried and tested many times, is a great playlist turned up loud!”

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