Property news: ‘Yes to Homes’ petition

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Average house prices in Yorkshire are around eight times the typical annual salary - that’s according to the National Housing Federation.

Daniel Klemm from the NHF, the umbrella body housing associations in the UK, spoke exclusively to the Yorkshire Evening Post about the state of housing in Leeds.

He said average house prices had now overtaken pre-recession levels and that in Yorkshire they were about eight times average income, while in London thy were around 30 times more.

He said: “This is Generation Rent. In this country we have a tradition of owning our own homes, whereas abroad, in places like Germany, this is not always the case. There’s a lot more protection around the rental market, so people choose to rent for 40 or 50 years.”

He added: “The big problem is over the last 50 years we have not built enough homes. This is a problem of supply. That has pushed prices out of the reach of people - we have had a period of rising population, people living longer, relationships breaking down and also immigration. We need more homes. There’s an imbalance between supply and demand.”

The NHF has started a ‘Yes to Homes’ campaign, which has already garnered 22,000 signatures. The scheme is aimed at encouraging people to support applications for new housing.

Mr Klemm said: “We will never say develop everywhere and just concrete over the green and pleasant land but what we are saying is can people who live in areas where they live and afford to stay there? Where are the homes going to go?

“We’re saying the right homes in the right places at the right price… if all the council is hearing is ‘no’, that’s all they hear.”

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