Property news: Cracking the art of adding value to your home this Easter

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Now that spring is approaching, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors ( RICS) says now is the time for householders to think about home improvements to add value to their property.

RICS Yorkshire and Humber spokesperson, Jon Charters-Reid of Charters-Reid Surveyors Ltd said: “The region was hit by some severe floods over the winter, followed by snow and ice, all of which does take its toll on our homes.

“So it’s worthwhile taking the time to inspect the condition of your home. Repairs and improvements won’t just help you enjoy your property more; those wanting to sell will attract more buyers.”

RICS recommends householders start with an external inspection of their home, including inspecting the roof and replacing any cracked tiles. Gutters need to be checked too and cleared of any leaves and debris which may cause a blockage and lead to damp.

Smartening up your home’s outer appearance is recommended too - including painting areas which need attention, and repairing any damaged or tired looking windows or porches, which will not only make it more attractive but may add value.

Jon said: “A smart and well maintained exterior is just as important as a well presented interior, so even if your home didn’t suffer any exterior damage this winter, it’s worth reassessing your colour choice and making sure your home is as attractive as possible. Even changing the front door’s colour can make a difference.”

When it comes to adding significant value to your home, RICS says increasing the square footage of your property is nearly always a money spinner, and according to the Nationwide Building Society, can add up to 12 percent of a home’s market value.

RICS has created a free consumer guide on home extensions. The RICS Home Extensions Guide offfers clear, impartial advice and helpful recommendations around seeking planning permission, building regulations and how to choose the right qualified professional to undertake your chosen home extension.

Jon added: “An extension that adds good-sized extra rooms in a way that is sympathetic to your home, or transforms its character coherently, can be a major selling point, and one you can enjoy for many years as an owner.”

“But it’s important that homeowners seek the advice of qualified professionals before making any plans to extend their property. A chartered surveyor can produce initial designs, plans and specifications for your home extension.

“They can also provide a cost consultancy service – managing your budget throughout the project to help you not overspend.”

“Chartered surveyors also have experience in seeking and appointing reliable building contractors, so they may also be able to recommend a qualified builder for your project.”